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Quantum Rainbow 2

Quantum Rainbow 2

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Celebrating our 200th Quantum Rainbow 2 module, we are offering a black and gold edition panel.

This new version of the Quantum Rainbow features a smaller 4hp width and two new noise outputs. All the original colors: White, Pink, Red, Blue and Purple plus the new GREY noise and QUANTA outputs.

The Grey noise spectrum exhibits a notch type frequency response in order to bring up the amplitude of bass and hi end frequencies. Grey noise sounds like a flat amplitude across the spectrum due to the logarithmic fashion in which we hear volume and frequency changes.

Quanta is a granular noise made up of equal amplitude fast triggers (quantum). Together, these random triggers (quanta) create the granular textural noise. The density of this output is adjustable via a trim pot on the back of the module.

When the original QR was first available, stackcables were not as abundant as they are today - hence the dual outputs are removed on the QR2 to save space.


Width: 4hp

Depth: 23mm

Current: 23 mA +12V 23 mA -12V 0 mA 5V


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