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Steady State Fate



Quad Normal/Inverting Attenuator, Mixer, Add/Sub, Saturator

Very high fidelity, low noise, precision attenuator, inverter, mixer, adder/subtractor and customizable saturator.
Four channels with individual in/out, inverter switches and RGB signal polarity indicators. LEDs track incoming voltage level indicating positive BLUE, Negative RED for normal mode and positive GREEN, Negative RED for inverted mode. Bipolar Saturation LEDs indicate when the mixed signal reaches the user set clipping levels.
Precision op amps featuring very low offset and distortion, allow MIXMODE to be used as a precision adder/subtractor, with less than 0.2% standard error.
Final output is switchable to a mix of all four channels. optional expander adds dedicated mix outputs.
Two final mix circuits - custom saturator and high fidelity, clean mix with higher headroom. PCB trimmers allow for custom user saturation settings (bias and symmetry). Optional expander brings saturation controls to the front panel as well as voltage control over positive and negative saturation/clipping level.


Width: 6hp

Depth: 23mm

Current: 39 mA +12V 39 mA -12V 0 mA 5V




$199 USD
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