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Entity Ultra-Kick

Entity Ultra-Kick

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Dual Core Kick Drum Synthesizer

SSF's newest addition to the Entity line offers new concepts and features for kick and bass synthesis.

The Ultra-kick adds a powerful feature set combining a new dual core architecture, internal FM, multistage distortion and a complete dynamics section.

The UK is a dual-core resonator topology evolved from the original Entity’s single core designs. The main core handles the frequency component while the character core provides a whole new level of sound sculpting beyond what the original designs were capable of. The character control is a major feature of the UK and is critical for the ability to craft a wide variety of impulse/attack styles and overall sound characteristics. Having two resonator cores also permits one of the cores to be modulated by the other. The addition of the ripple feature accomplishes this by allowing an adjustable amount of the main core to modulate the character core. Ripple dramatically enhances the initial impulse transient offering a novel means to shape clicks and accents, as well as providing additional girth and frequency modulated tones. Since a resonator is essentially a filter, the additional core via character can provide low-pass filtering for muted and softer kicks as well as unison resonant boosting when the main and character frequencies are matched.


Width: 14hp

Depth: 23mm

Current: 110 mA +12V 110 mA -12V 0 mA 5V


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