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Steady State Fate

Ultra-Random Redux

Ultra-Random Redux

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The Ultra-Random Redux is a new and revised version of the original Ultra-Random Analog. Additional features and improvements have been applied to the major functions; including more accurate sampling of external signals and greatly enhanced sample holding time. Three different output modes are now available in the sample and hold section as well, providing the traditional bipolar output as well as full and have wave rectified outputs. Rectification may also be applied to external sampled signals. The Random Pulse section now features a rotary switch to select pulse division and a newly added G-SYNC (gated sync) function for randomized pulse bursts that will be synced to the A or B trigger input signals. The Integrator has been replaced with a wide range linear slew for processing external and internal signals. The Random Pulse output is normalized to the Linear Slew input jack as in the original URA. Finally, the Random Flux section has been updated with a dedicated Flux Trigger input and manual time constant control in addition to CV modulation inputs. Flux out can also now function as a fourth stepped random voltage output.


Width: 10hp

Depth: 23mm

Current: +100/-57mA


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