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WMD & Steady State Fate



SPECTRUM is a precision, saw-core VCO with eight possible waveforms (six simultaneous outputs), an eight octave switch, LFO mode and FM mode select with attenuation. In addition to the standard waveforms; sine, pulse, triangle and saw, SPECTRUM features two selectable saw/pulse hybrid waveforms and two selectable sub-octave waveforms with variable range. Additional features include pulse width modulation with CV and attenuation, hard sync and panel accessible 1V/OCT calibration.

  • Simultaneous sine, sawtooth, triangle and pulse width modulated outputs
  • Two selectable saw/pulse hybrid waveforms with pulse width modulation
  • Two selectable sub-octave waveforms (sub saw and sub pulse) with selectable octave range
  • Eight position octave switch for the main and sub oscillators
  • 1V/octave CV input tracks up to eight octaves
  • Attenuated FM input with linear and exponential mode
  • Hard sync
  • LFO mode
  • Attenuated PWM input and manual controls


Width: 10hp

Depth: 25mm

Current: 80 mA +12V 55 mA -12V 0 mA 5V




$249 USD
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