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WMD & Steady State Fate



Discrete VCA with Dynamic Shape Response


  • Discrete transistor core VCA
  • Combination gain and saturation control
  • Classic soft transistor saturation for FAT vintage tones
  • CV offset/bias control accommodates both unipolar and bipolar control voltages and manual volume adjustment.
  • Continuously varying, voltage controllable linear to exponential CV Response shaping
  • Dedicated Response CV output for use as a stand alone linear-to-exponential control voltage converter or for using the VCA response shape with external modules
  • CV level attenuator
  • CV level/shape high efficiency LED indicators and only 6hp

AMPLITUDE is a discrete transistor core VCA with a wide range of waveform saturation and distortion capability.

This module is capable of faithfully reproducing the classic warmth and fat tones associated with vintage analog synthesizers and pushes that capability to the extreme.

A novel voltage controlled linear to exponential converter is included and can be used to shape incoming control voltages to the VCA CV input and can be patched out to external modules.


Width: 6hp

Depth: 25mm

Current: 20 mA +12V 20 mA -12V 0 mA 5V




$149 USD
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